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Why Prescription Aid Japan?

Convenience, comfortable and
confidentiality with shopping.


Health care,


Baby foods,

Made in Japan Corner.

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Why Prescription Aid Japan

- Customer convenience, comfort and confidentiality is our prime concern.
- Qulality assurance medicine with 24/7 necessary temperature maintained environment.
- Exclusively and convenience interior design for shopping.
- Special personal care zone with medical assistant support.
- Customers care for consulting for medical assistant and personal advice and support.
- Made in Japan products availability with Japan corner inside the shop.
- Beauty Conscious and Health Care Products availability.
- Babies health conscious food and other items.

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* About Us *

Prescription Aid Japan (PAJ) is the first joint venture among NEXT JAPAN HOLDINGS (BD) LTD. (NJHBDL), PRESCRIPTION AID(PA), JAPAN BANGLADESH BUSINESS CORPORATION LIMITED (JBBCL) in recognition of the potential of the ‘Pharmacy and Health Care Retail Business” sector in Bangladesh
We have collaborated with the Bangladesh and Japan joint Brand Name in terms of Product and Service.
Our partner PRESCRIPTION AID, is the veteran medicine business pioneer in Bangladesh, having experience more than 15 years and JAPAN BANGLADESH BUSINESS CORPORATION LIMITED is making the bridge between Japan and Bangladesh partners to conduct the business.
On 10 June 2016, Prescription Aid Japan started its first retail business in Dhanmondhi, Dhaka. It has a wide range and deep assortment of product offerings. It offers numerous products in health care, nutrition, personal care, diabetes care, food and beverage, cosmetics and many more.

welcome message

  • Hiroki Nakamura.

    Managing Director, NJHBDL.

    Welcome to the Prescription Aid, Japan web page. We like Bangladesh, Bangladeshi people’s mentality, hospitability. When I visit Bangladesh first time I found that Bangladesh is very beautiful country with lot of potentials. I felt that I have responsibility to introduce Japanese product and service and system to Bangladesh. So I made the partnership with PA and JBBCL.
    We establish the new brand name “Prescription Aid Japan”, by adding the word Japan. We would like to expend the Japanese Name, Japanese product, Japanese service through our shop PAJ and by the helping of our local supporter.

  • Dr. S M Jaglul A Mazumdar.

    Managing Director, PA.

    As a doctor I have consciousness to produce the quality full medicine always to our customer. We have experience in Medicine and Health Care business more than 15 years in Banani, Dhaka by the name of Prescription Aid. We open PAJ with our Japanese partner, in Dhanmondi. We maintain 24/7 Air-conditioned environment and special freezing system for all kind of injections, insulins, and other medicines, Baby food, beverage etc. and we assure the quality and quantity as well. Our Japanese partner always support and help us to introduce Japan quality products, service to our customer. Please welcome our shop.

  • A K M Golam Faruq.

    Director, JBBCL.

    Welcome to PAJ. Please visit our shop and find the difference between other. We are new in Dhanmondhi area but we are experience in terms of services. We have introduced original Made in Japan products, Japanese services. We always looking forward to seeing you in our Shop.

  • Anjan Das.

    Director, NJHBDL.

    We have open one new era to make the bridge between Japanese and Bangladesh for product, service, system of retails medicine and health care business. We have experience to stay in Japan for couple of decade and understand the service level of Japan also understand the leakage of service in Bangladesh. Our main duty is to minimize this gap and provide the super quality service to our customer. Our duty is to provide the cutting edge services, products existing in Japan and other world and make our shop international standard as a model shop in Bangladesh. We always look forward our customer needs and fulfill it as soon as possible. Please visit us with your family and friends

  • Daisuke Suzuki.

    Director, NJHBDL.

    We would like to welcome you to our Prescription Aid Japan for experiencing the new and quality full Japanese products.We would like to introduce the Japanese quality full and convenience product to Bangladesh

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